Relief Massage Therapy

Cheryl Standing RMT

Deep Tissue, Cupping, Hot Stones, Orthopedic Massage

  Clinic Owner

Practicing since 2002 in clinic, home and spa settings, Cheryl took the leap and opened up Relief Massage Therapy in 2015. Cheryl is known for her deep tissue therapy with the use of Hot Stones in treatments for reducing muscle spasms, tension, and increase your relaxation experience as the heat decreases your sympathetic nervous system. 

Her treatments ranges from sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, upper and lower cross syndromes, 

In addition to her practice, she uses Cupping Massage Therapy which is ideal for fascial restrictions and muscle tension. Cupping helps to activate blood vessels in the muscles, increasing blood flow to a particular location which allows for various fluid-exchanging processes (diffusion, filtration, osmosis and active transport)  These processes allows nutrient-rich fluids to feed cells while removing waste material at the same time. In the removal of wastes, the chemical components of pain are reduced also. 

Cheryl is also a certified ISSA Fitness Trainer, and Nutrition coach.  In addition has her 200 hour Yoga teacher certification.  This knowledge has allowed her to understand movement patterns and common dis functions in real world application in sports and fitness.  In addition this training has better equipped her with teaching ability to provide home care exercises to her clients 

Our clients typically feel relief after the first session and experience significant results by the third. Eventually, they require only periodic sessions in order to maintain.  In cases where condition does not require maintenance, many of our clients still return to enhance their relaxation and maintain physical and emotional well being.

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