Relief Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Cupping

Nicolette can provide a wide range of techniques suited to your body’s unique needs. She uses different approaches in her treatments which include therapeutic relaxation massage of lighter to medium pressure.  Passive stretching for joint range of motion and restrictions. Cupping therapy for myofascial restrictions. She also is trained in Acupuncture to relieve blockages and Trigger points.

Your treatment will begin with assessing and discussing options for a treatment designed specifically for you. She will advise home care stretches and strengthening exercises to optimize your day to day functions and delete the wasted energy that muscles use with unhealthy restrictions, poor ergonomics, posture or balance.

Prenatal or Postnatal Massage: A little TLC before baby arrives can help you manage musculoskeletal discomfort from low back and hip pain to fluid build up in the legs and feet. With so many physical changes taking place during pregnancy, many woman turn to Nicolette for some relief. Massage Therapy for new moms provide some mental and emotional benefits as well. We have a prenatal Pillow that allows you to lay on your stomach during your massage, Alternatively side laying is also possible if you prefer.  

Meditation/visualization : If you welcome it, Nicolette can add to your session a visualization and meditation aspect that can allowed for deeper awareness, connection and relaxation.