Relief Massage Therapy

Non-RMT Services

Note: Non-RMT Services 

The Following services are preformed by Lorraine Salter, who is a Registered Reflexologist and Certified Bodyworker.  Please Note depending on Health Care Plan, you may have reflexology under coverage, all other treatments are not covered by Extended Health Care Plans 

  • Registered Reflexology
    45 minutes $60.00 
    60 minutes $75.00​​ 

    (full feet treatment with hot towel application)
  • East Indian Head Massage
    45 minutes $60.00 
    60 minutes $75.00​ 
    (upper back massage with primary focus on scalp and neck- oil will be massaged in hair and scalp)                                                           

         90 minute Combo $110.00 (45 minutes of Reflexology and 45 minutes of Indian Head Massage)

  • Heated Herb Thai Stem Massage
    75 minutes $95.00 

    (full body massage, using heated herb compresses that replenishes your skin and muscles, also you take home the stems for bath)          
  • Whole Body Healing Hot Stone Massage-most popular in the Winter

       75 minutes $95.00