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Relief Massage Therapy


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Cheryl Standing R.M.T

Cheryl Standing is a Registered Massage Therapist and Owner of Relief Massage Therapy in Huntsville, ON.

She Is known for Deep Tissue Relaxation Massage Therapy,  with a special focus on shoulder Injuries and a big heart for Senior Massage Therapy.

Modalities she uses are Hot Stones and Cupping Therapy 

What makes her treatment different?

As part of her service, she incorporates the use of Hot Stones for reducing muscle spasms, tension, and increase your relaxation experience, while applying deep tissue techniques. This is a special technique done on specific hypertonic tissues,

New to her practice is Cupping Massage Therapy- the use of suction to create negative pressure to aid in circulation, fascial restriction and muscle tension.


Lorraine Salter R.R.

A Registered Reflexologist and Certified in Indian Head Massage, Lorraine is
no stranger to the world of making people feel better, whether physically or emotionally.  Over the past two decades she has held various positions doing just that; starting as a health care aid with the Red Cross Society, as a hair stylist, and most recently reflexology and Indian Head massage.

Often being told that she has strong hands combined with Lorraine’s thirst for knowledge and desire to make a difference, she went back to school and was certified in Reflexology.  It wasn’t long afterwards that she decided to be taught the unique art of Indian Head Massage.

Working with people young, old and everything in between, Lorraine is pleased and excited to be offering both services.